TCL P Series/P607 TV Review

The TCL P607 p arrangement is a generally excellent HDR TV with better than normal picture quality gratitude to its profound blacks. It has neighborhood diminishing to upgrade its complexity, and it is stuffed with HDR highlights, for example, a huge shading volume and high splendor. It likewise has low motion blur and input slack, settling on it an adaptable decision reasonable for sports and computer games too. however, its image quality corrupts quickly when seen from an edge, and the general picture consistency could be better. The TCL P605 offers a similar presentation and picture quality yet has an alternate remote.


  • Good local dimming produces deep blacks
  • Low input lag, great for gaming
  • Wide Color gamut for HDR


  • Overall uniformity could be better
  • Picture quality degrades at an angle


The structure of the TCL p arrangement is like most other TCL TVs we have reviewed The wide stand underpins the TV well and feels stable, yet it might be more enthusiastically to fit on certain tables. It doesn’t stand apart as much as premium TVs however is very utilitarian. The stand is almost as wide as the TV itself, which includes a fairly large bench. This is very similar to the 2016 UP130. The build quality of the p series is okay. The metal back is nice, and screws throughout the TV hold it together well.

Picture quality:

The TCL P607 has an excellent native contrast ratio and is on par with some of the best high-end LED TVs we’ve evaluated, and even better than most top-tier Samsung LED TVs. This high native contrast indicates that the TCL p series will show very deep blacks, which is very useful in movies for dark scenes, particularly when the television is placed in a dark room.


The response time is outstanding so after fast-moving objects, only a quick trace can be seen. This is a noticeable improvement over 2016, US5800 and UP130 TCL 4 K TVs. The TV uses 120Hz PWM to dim the backlight, beginning at setting backlight at 100/100. Reducing the configuration reduces the intensity of the backlight, while the service period remains constant. This results in duplications that imitate fast-moving objects, evident in the blur box of motion.

Sound quality:

The TCL P607 produces a fair amount of THD at every volume setting and aliasing is present even as low as 80 dB. Because of this, it is best to avoid the higher volume settings.


Very good TV overall. The P607 is a flexible TV which covers all the basics. The picture quality is better than average and for every setting, it gets bright enough.

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