7 Things You Should Check Before Buying A TV Online

Nowadays, fortunately, many things are available to us online, and thanks to the good websites, we get complete information about the product we want to buy and we also have the opportunity to be distributed to our home. Surely our older relatives never thought that one day it would be possible to buy a TV set and not leave home. But we live in a modern time and these things are more than possible, and we even have a lot of choices for that.

TVs used to be a real luxury and households could afford one device at home, but today we know that it often happens that there is one device in each room, and even in the garages or basements used for living. But still finding something that fits your budget and meets your quality needs is not easy. However, this does not mean that it is impossible. Nowadays you can rely on services like Ostoi and find exactly what you need that suits your financial capabilities.

Before investing your money, you must thoroughly research the market offer to know what your choice is. Consider the minimum configuration required to take advantage of all the benefits of television. Then, research and compare the price differences, but also the relevance and reliability of the brand itself.

In doing so, you must pay attention to the following things:

1. Find an online store that is licensed for such services

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The sale of technical products is regulated by many legal norms and principles, so not everyone has a license to sell them. The TVs are part of this range and we recommend that you always buy them from authorized sellers. Everything else is at your own risk, but you also become a participant in the gray part of the economy, which is not fully regulated by law and you are not able to exercise all your consumer rights.

2. Do not buy the first device you see

Believe us, there is always a better and fairer offer than the one you come across first. Therefore it is best to make a list of features that are your priority and compare. Stick to well-known brands, but also find out about the quality of newer brands, especially if their price is similar to that of the popular ones.

3. Do not fall for the classic online scams

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Online scams are something that happens very often and there is almost no person in the world who for a moment did not think that offer is credible and relevant. But if you are offered a branded TV at a price that is several times lower than what you see in licensed stores, we have bad news for you – you have become a target of fraud. It is up to you to learn to distinguish the relevant from the fraudulent sellers and thus protect yourself as a consumer, but also those who run their business in a fair manner.

4. Do not rush to top performance

Surely it sounds great to buy an 8K TV, with the possibility of virtual reality, 3D image, and other multimedia content that is the work of high technology. But we have to disappoint you that you will not really use much of that performance. For example, 8K content is not readily available, and a TV with this resolution can cost a fortune. A 4k screen with a 60-120 Hz refresh rate is really enough for you. Be practical and choose a device that offers standard docking for external devices and has a great image. Features like 3D and VR will only be used a few times while the TV is new.

5. Evaluate how much screen you really need

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The popular myth is that you need huge screens, but in our opinion, it is enough to be in your field of vision and to be able to focus on the content that is displayed without moving your head. Believing that large screens are ideal for the living room is just a marketing ploy to choose the larger product. The only exception is if you want to improvise a home theater and the large TV set is far enough away from your couches, armchairs, or chairs. But if you do not have a lot of space available, try to estimate how much TV you really need. For example, for a typical living room, it is enough to be between 55-65 inches.

6. Check if they offer installation as an additional service

If you are installing a TV for the first time in that location, it may be necessary to have advanced cable and plug management. Usually, the buyer does it himself, but there are times when a little help from the seller’s team is needed. That way, you can be sure that everything will be done correctly.

7. Rely on someone else’s experience

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Surely you have friends or relatives who bought a new TV at some point. It is always good to consult with them about where they bought it from, how much they spent, and whether they are satisfied with the overall service of the seller. On the other hand, it can easily happen that you are recommended a coupon or voucher if you are a member of a loyalty program. As you can see, if you consult with others about your choice, it can easily happen that you take advantage of a certain benefit.


Buying a TV is not a big challenge or a huge investment, but it is still important to be up to date with the trends, but also with the opportunities to buy and pay online and to be sure that you will get exactly what you need. Follow the online actions, get interested and trust us, the search engine algorithms will do their thing and you will soon have the appropriate suggestions that are relevant to you, as a consumer. We hope you found this text useful and that you will take all our advice into account when making a decision.

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