TV Specs privacy policy

The privacy of our visitors is one of our main concerns here at TV Specs. Having that in mind we built a website that provides users a great experience when it comes to their privacy.

How TV Specs is built

TV Specs serves information to visitors about TVs and compatible accessories and for that reason we wanted to keep the website as simple as possible especially in the privacy policy segment.

TV Specs is built on two platforms, one for product presentation and another one for building a blog where people should find interesting informations about the things that are new and useful in the TVs ecosystem.


TV Specs is not using any cookies and does not collect any personal data from the visitors, as we do not need any. As we mentioned before TV Specs is a project based on offering information and specifications about TVs and accessories that are in the most interest of our visitors. The information and the specs about TVmodels that are presented on TV Specs can be found within our TV finder page.

Log files on

As mentioned, TV Specs uses two platforms for providing content to visitors therefore there will always be some log files that contains some information. This information contains technical data about the sessions on the website like:

  • what type of browser visitors uses to reach the site
  • how users got to the website(direct or by referring links)
  • the date and time the of visit
  • the number of interactions within the page measured in clicks, used to provide some analysis of the user behavior
  • the IP address from where the user reached the website
  • the country region the visitors arrive on our website
  • the ISP(Internet Service Provider)

All of the information included in the log files and mentioned above have no connections to any information that may be identified as personally information.

Third party cookies

TV Specs, through its advertisement vendors displays ads on website. This advertisement vendors, also known as third-party vendors, use cookies to serv ads better to visitors. For example Google is using DART Cookie to deliver ads to users based on their navigation to our site or other sites on internet. To opt out of DART Cookie you can visit Google Privacy & Terms here:

The third-party advertisers are using some data to serv ads even better to users, ads that are personalized and targeted for every user depending on their interest. In order to manage that, they make use of cookies and has no access and cannot control any of these cookies that are used by the third-party vendors. Therefore, in case you want to opt out from third-party advertisement practices, recommends to visit third-party advertisers sites and opt out of those serving ads practices.

Cookies can also be controlled through the web browsers that visitors use and if you what to disable cookies you can do so according to instructions

All communication with can simply be interrupted by closing our web page.

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Although is making efforts to provide very precise and correct informations and specs about the products displayed on the website we cannot guarantee total accuracy or completeness for any of the products presented on our website. We also make efforts to distribute information from very reliable sources but this also does not represent any guarantee of accuracy or completeness for the final results. Therefore, is not and cannot be responsible for any errors that may occur or for any incomplete specifications or informations that might be provided. The information on this website should be treated "as it is" and its purpose is to be only orientative.