What is a VESA Pattern?

VESA Patterns Overview

A VESA pattern is very easy explain. So answering what is a VESA pattern will be a breeze.

The VESA Interface Standard defines the distance in which four mounting holes are placed on the back of a TV. Different TVs will have different patterns which means there are tons of different wall mounts will tons of versatility.

You can generally find the VESA pattern inside of the manual of your TV or calling the manufacturer will do the trick. If neither of these worked out for you, I’ve listed some simple information on how to ensure you’re getting the right wall mount with the right VESA pattern.

What it is: Distance screws are placed for wall mounting a TV properly.
Why it matters: A more sleek look for your living space by eliminating the TV’s stand or base..
When it matters: Wanting to wall mount a TV to hide wires and the stand or base of the TV.

Where Can I Find My VESA Pattern?

The fastest way to find your VESA pattern will be to simply measure the four mounting holes on the back of the TV.

what-is-a-vesa-patternYou’ll start by measuring from right to left with the mounting holes. Otherwise known as measuring the X-Axis. Then follow suit with measuring up and down.This is known as the y-Axis. Generally they are measured in millimeters, but if you’re used to using inches below is a simple conversion you can use to easily convert to millimeters.

1 Inch = 25.4 Millimeters 

Once you have measured the four mounting holes you should find yourself with a number such as 400×400 or 300×300. These are common VESA patterns and it will help you find what wall mounts will fit your TV.

The next biggest step to take is to determine which type of wall mounts you are wanting to use. Most commonly used wall mount are the Flat-Wall mount brands. With those you are likely to find wall mounts such as Swivels, Tilting, or Full-Motion wall mounts. Below I speak more on these separately.


Different Types of Tv Wall Mounts

Flat Wall Mounts


  • Price: Usually very cheap
  • Availability: Almost always on hand

These are the most common types of wall mounts and are usually the cheapest as they offer the simplest of uses. The TV goes up on the wall and it does not move. Very simple and easy to install.

Tilting Wall Mounts


  • Price: Mid-range costs
  • Availability: Almost always on hand

These are the second most common types of wall mounts. They offer more functionally than flat wall mounts by being able to tilt up and down. This will be great for some one that need to place their TV up higher than expected because the TV then can be tilted down to fix the viewing angle.

Swivel Wall Mounts


  • Price: Mid-range price
  • Availability: Almost always on hand

Very similar to tilting wall mounts the swivel wall mounts instead move to the left and right and not up and down. These are also very reasonably priced and almost always in stock as they are popular along with the tilting wall mounts.

Full-Motion Wall Mounts


  • Price: Expensive
  • Availability: stock Varies

Full motion wall mounts are great for any one looking to constantly be moving their TV. This will be best used for a large living space or perhaps a kitchen with lots of corners. They are often more expensive simply because they have more working parts and since it offers more options to the TVs, but are worth the cost if you can afford these wall mounts.


VESA patterns are perhaps the easiest part of the TV to understand. By measuring and recording the pattern you can find the best wall mounts for your personal use with ease.
I hope this helps work out the kinks with VESA patterns and have yourself a good day!


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