What is the Best 43 Inch Smart TV?

If you’re asking what is the best 43 inch smart TV, chances are that you’re looking for something to fit a space smaller than most living rooms. Perhaps a bedroom or kitchen. This is great and means two things. You’re going to want to make sure you’re viewing distance is measured properly and you’re going to be able to save yourself some cash. Below is some information to help with all of that.

TV Viewing Distance Size Chart

There will be a chart in conjunction with this information to help you easily make sure you’re looking for the best size of TV for the living space you’re trying to fill. On desktop it will be to the right, and on mobile it will be below, but why is the right viewing distance important?

Simply put, immersion. An immersive experience is a good one and every one is looking for the best experience. So by making sure your viewing distance is correct, you can help maximize everything a TV has to offer that isn’t hardware or software.

If you’re looking for the best 43 inch TVs, then your TV should be around 6.5 feet away or almost 2 meters for the best experience.

TV Size Viewing Distance
32″ ~5.0 feet / 1.5 m
40″ ~5.5 feet / 1.6 m
43″ ~6.5 feet / 1.9 m
50″ ~7.0 feet / 2.3 m
55″ ~8.0 feet / 2.4 m
60″ ~8.5 feet / 2.5 m
65″ ~9.0 feet / 2.7 m
70″ ~9.5 feet / 2.9 m
75″ ~12.0 feet / 3.6 m

What Do Small TVs Cost?

No matter the time of year you should be able to find yourself small TVs at a reasonably small cost. There are not many high end models that are sized at 43 inches. So finding a deal should be very easy.


There are three different things to note when looking at this graph. The three colors.
  • Yellow is for a TV that is often too cheap to be true. You’ll often be lacking features or better performing basics that a normally priced TV would have.
  • Green is for TVs that are often reasonably priced for the features they offer. You’re likely to get a deal when you find a TV size within the green prices.
  • Red is for TVs that are often over priced. They do not offer a considerable amount of advantages for the features they often charge for. This is also when often times you are charged a price premium for a brands name. Such as Sony or Samsung.

Remember though that when looking at larger TVs for sale it is easy to see that there is lots of competition, but also that there is a large margin of high and low prices. The same cannot be said for smaller TVs. They do not offer a large variety of features and the cost of manufacturing is much lower.

This means that there is less competition is terms of feature diversity and high-end costs. You’ll simply just be saving money on smaller TVs. So expect that when you’re looking for TV under 50 inches that it is likely to be a mid-range TV.

What Does 43 Inches Offer?


In short 43 inches offers the same in terms of functionality and features that many high end TVs would offer, but sadly this size of TV does not offer the same level of immersion.

This explains why the correct viewing distance is so important to help combat the level of immersion that is not regularly offered by small TVs.

The Best 43 Inch TVs

Without further ado, I’ll now list the best 43 inch TVs. Sadly this size of TV is often overlooked by many TV manufacturers, but that didn’t stop me from finding some great TVs.

Best 43 Inch TV

Sony X800D (XBR43X800D)

This was a no-brainer. Sony tends to release strong TVs across all types of TVs and the X800D is no exception. The XBR43X800D version comes in at 43 inches and offers a great amount of versatility in terms of both picture value and motion handling. The smart features are basic, but run well, and the inputs are good enough to connect many devices. Great stuff here from Sony.

Last updated on December 9, 2018 1:55 pm

Top Rated 43 Inch TV

Samsung MU6300 (UN43MU6300)

If you are not interested in a Sony TV, then the Samsung MU6300 would be the next best option. It offers a great amount of high end features as this model extends into larger sizes such as 65 inches. The motion handling needs work, but is out performed by its contrast ratio and very low input lag. You’re also likely to find this for a competing cost. So shopping around would be a bad thing.

Too low to display
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2 new from $1,199.95
8 used from $361.59
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Last updated on December 9, 2018 1:55 pm

Sony X800D Alternative

TCL S405 (43S405)

The biggest flaw in the Sony X800D is often its price. This is where the S405 comes into play. It offers similar functionality at often times close to half the price. Also, note that the smart features are much better since they are powered by the Roku operating system. If you’re trying to save some cash this is most certainly the best option.

out of stock
15 new from $279.99
3 used from $279.50
Last updated on December 9, 2018 1:55 pm


Some of the best TVs are small TVs and the only thing you need to know is how to find them. I hope I helped iron out some kinks with your budget and if you want to see all the TVs I’ve reviewed, follow the link here and I hope you have a good day! Cheers!


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