What is The Best 65 Inch 4K TV?

I’m going to help you answer what is the best 65 inch 4K TV, but we need to establish some ground rules. This size of TV will be well priced, but even that means these smart TVs will be expensive. I speak more on this below but be warned that a TV this large can be quite expensive.

TV Viewing Distance Size Chart

The distance away your TV will sit means a lot about how good of an experience you’ll have when viewing the TV. This is called immersion.

A more immersive experience is a very good thing. This leads to being lost in the movie, TV show, or sports that you’re watching. It means a great deal and there’s a beautiful science to it all.

The current rule of thumb is that a little too big is much better than a little too small but speak in more detail on this topic in another article that you can find here.

TV Size Viewing Distance
32″ ~5.0 feet / 1.5 m
40″ ~5.5 feet / 1.6 m
43″ ~6.5 feet / 1.9 m
50″ ~7.0 feet / 2.3 m
55″ ~8.0 feet / 2.4 m
60″ ~8.5 feet / 2.5 m
65″ ~9.0 feet / 2.7 m
70″ ~9.5 feet / 2.9 m
75″ ~12.0 feet / 3.6 m

What is the Best Budget for a TV?

At the end of the day, the best budget for a TV comes down to your personal preference. If you cannot find yourself wanting to spend 1000 dollars on a TV, but someone else can, that means we have to good budgets for two different people.

There are three different things to note when looking at this graph. The three colors.

  • Yellow is for a TV that is often too cheap to be true. You’ll often be lacking features or better performing basics that a normally priced TV would have.
  • Green is for TVs that are often reasonably priced for the features they offer. You’re likely to get a deal when you find a TV size within the green prices.
  • Red is for TVs that are often overpriced. They do not offer a considerable amount of advantages for the features they often charge for. This is also when often times you are charged a price premium for a brands name. Such as Sony or Samsung.

The biggest piece of advice I can offer is to find the model of TV you prefer first. Regardless of the sizes offered, make sure a TV is going to offer the features you are interested in. Granted the best 65 inch TVs offer some great options, but that is beside the point.

Finding a model first is key because oftentimes that model will offer a range of sizes. This means you can then find a size that fits your living space or fits your needs. This way the size isn’t the only thing you enjoy about the TV.

Once you cracked the code of the models and sizes of those models you enjoy. You can then eliminate TVs that just don’t make the cut. It’s a simple process and makes for an easy experience when shopping around.

What Does Your Budget Dollars Buy?

In very simple terms, your budget can buy you a lot.

Especially if you are interested in a large TV such as the 65 inch TVs are.
Like mentioned before, TV models offer a range of sizes which means the features tend to be found over a broad spectrum, but immersion is kept relative to the size of the TV as also mentioned before.

So the real features you can expect from a 65 inch TV are often very good.
Such as:

  • Good contrast ratio
  • Slick smart features
  • Good color gamuts
  • Decent price tag
  • Quality build materials
  • A decent warranty

This doesn’t cover everything as many TVs are different and come from different manufacturers, but I hope that helps.

The Best 65 Inch TVs

Now you’ve figured everything out and understand what you’re getting yourself into. Without further ado, below are the best 65 inch TVs. There was quite a lot of research done, so let me know what you think in the comments below.

Top Rated TVs