What Is The Largest Size TV You Can Buy? – 2023 Guide

Tv With Biggest Screen Guide

Television is a fortunate side of technology that connects us with current affairs, lifestyles, cultural and scientific inventions, discoveries, cooking, weather, education, sports, entertainment, and more. A creative pillar, an imaginary world, an invisible and cost-free vehicle that makes you see all the wonders of the world! At the marketplace, multifarious brands are manufacturing TVs which fret us; what to buy and what not to?

Plenty of factors require your consideration while purchasing the best TV, but the size is paramount amongst all! This is the primary thing that pops up in our minds when we think of upgrading our TV. On this subject, I have a handful of knowledge that gives you all an understanding of TV screens, and at the end, I’ll reveal the giant size TV you can buy today!

Screen Size and Resolution

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The screen size of a gadget refers to the diagonal distance/length between contradictory corners. It defines the display size in inches, which helps you to decide what proportions you require.

Remember that the TV size is not equal to the screen size or display size. If your TV screen size is 52 inches, your TV would be 55 inches in size—from one corner to the other side.

While upgrading your old television, the rule of thumb is to always go for a bigger size. “The more the sweet, the more the reward!”; means if you spend more money, you’ll get a supplementary product. Getting a larger TV will give you an immersive and captivating experience.

Apart from that, the screen resolution is a display model or number of pixels displayed in each proportion. It can be controlled by distinctive aspects like Cathode ray tubes, projections, plat panels, etc. In simple words, the resolution is width x height in pixels such as 1024 x 768 pixels, and it is spoken as ten twenty-four by seven sixty-eight.

Why does resolution matter? The resolution is equally important as the screen size. It is the result that your TV screen is displaying to you and is typically written as 360 p, 480 p, 720 p, 1080 p, 4K, and 8K. The 8K is the highest tv resolution, four times greater than 4K, and delivers the best picture quality.

Large Screen TV Technology

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Big Screen TV technology was initially developed in the 2000s, which evolved into thin screen technology with time. Customers used those TVs for non-projection displays in corporations, stadiums, or concerts. In the public market, the technology becomes available after a stretch. Examples of technologies are Liquid crystal display or LCD, Plasma display or PDP, and Digital light processor or DLP.

Today, we heard of Organic light-emitting diode technology or OLED, the latest large TV screen technology of the year. The other advanced technologies are Surface conduction electron emitter display or SED, and Field emission display or FED, which will be released in upcoming years. With each upcoming technology, we’ll see an improvement in picture quality, resolution, and size.

Largest TV To Buy in 2023-22

The largest TV you can buy in today’s market is a gigantic Samsung TV called “The Wall,” at the price of $120,000. It is available in various size ranges, and the most extensive available size is 292 enormous inches. This largest Samsung TV boasts micro-LED or mLED technology based on fine LEDs that give color and equal light to each pixel.

Besides, this colossal mLED TV possesses true intensive colors which look overwhelming. It features excellent color quality and a broader gamut than ordinary LEDs. You’ll assuredly get the vibrant yet natural color experience with “The Wall”!

If you’re now using an OLED TV, then don’t get your tinsel in a tangle because you’ll acquire even more features and better results in this one! This technology is better than OLED in terms of brightness and stability. Also, it doesn’t have any luminance decay issues, which encountered in OLED.

Besides, it comes with the “Extra edge cutting” trait. As I said previously, the 55 inches TV has a 52 inches screen, and the remnant is the edge part. Felicitously, Samsung-The Wall has the minimal edge and stipulates the full-wide display, which appeared splendid.


Can an OLED TV be laid flat?

If your OLED TV is inside the box, covered with foam, then you can lay it flat on the ground without any issue. Never lay your unpacked OLED TV flat; you’ve to place it upright; otherwise, it’ll damage. Please, always open up your TV from the box under professional assistance and care to avoid any mishap.

Why are OLEDs so expensive?

The Organic Light Emitting Diode or OLED technology is available in expensive models because OLEDs are hard to produce. Lots of models are still at the factory line because of breakage or damage. In this sequence, the market has launched m-LEDs which are better than OLEDs.

Which TV size is best for the bedroom?

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The TV size should be according to your wall size, room size, and distance from TV to bed or sitting. Also, the crowd around the TV matters primarily. If you’re buying a TV for the bedroom, then you should go for at least 42 inches TV so that the picture would be clear from your bed. I found a 60 inches TV, absolute for my bedroom, as my bed is 9 feet away from it.

Closing Remarks

Stream your media with spectacular visuals on the big screen to relish home theatre. Samsung’s gigantic 292 inches “The Wall” television is the largest size TV you can buy. Additionally, the price is the primary factor in getting a better and superior television with the latest technology, colossal display, colorful picture, and theatre environment. In the end, for something higher, you’ll always have to pay money.

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