Why Is TV Cheaper Than Monitor? – Complete Buyer’s Guide 2023

Due to the dynamic technological revolution in digital media, many of the previously used gadgets are being replaced by newly launched updated ones. The same is the case with TV and monitors. Monitors are more pricey than a TV due to many updated features and specifications.

There are particular reasons that make even a 4K TV cheaper than a 4K monitor. One of the major reasons for the high costs of a monitor is the minimum input lag and pixels per inch and better image quality than TV.

As TV being affordable has high pixels but does not have minimum input lag which is why they are less expensive than monitors.

Why Is There Big Difference In Price Between TVs and Monitors

why is tv cheaper than monitor

High Sensitive Screens

Television can never compete with the monitor in case of speed. Monitors are highly responsive towards output providing high-quality graphics from graphic cards. As televisions are devoted to entertainment while monitors of computers give you a high-speed output.

High Refresh Rate

It is the rate at which the display of the monitor or TV gets refresh or updated. High-quality monitors are the ones that have high refresh rates e.g 240Hz, 144Hz, 170Hz, etc.

Televisions also have a high refresh rate but then their cost gets increased. So instead of buying expensive TV, monitors with even a low resolution of 2K have the highest refresh rate.

Colors Accuracy

As televisions are meant for entertainment, they do not provide the correct colors of images being displayed on the screen. Whereas the monitor has the potential to display vivid colors due to its high-quality color accuracy that makes it expensive. Due to this reason, TV is cheaper than a monitor.

Tearing Effect

This effect is mainly dedicated to the monitors while playing games and watching high-quality videos. The high screen tearing effect is directly proportional to the high frame rate. The tearing effect of the screen occurs when the refresh rate is less than a frame per second.

So in order to prevent this effect, most monitors have a feature of G-sync that makes it expensive and helps in maintaining performance levels.

Gaming Feature

High-quality monitors are those that have high gaming features that are quite expensive. As technology changes and new advanced features are launched gradually, monitor prices also increase accordingly.

These gaming monitors have high-resolution displays along with high refresh rates, making them work faster and quicker.

On the other hand, television lacks all these features along with the high-quality display that monitors have, which contributes to less and affordable prices of television.

The graphics and color accuracy are absent in televisions. Due to these specific gaming monitor features, television is cheaper than these monitors.

Who Prefer Monitor?

gaming monitor

Most gamers prefer high-quality monitors having high refresh rates and high-resolution displays. These monitors have low input lag and have high color accuracy for the images displayed on the screens.

Due to the updated features of these monitors, they are expensive and are preferred by gamers as the TV screens cannot be used as a gaming screen.

Who Prefer TV?

If you are not interested in high pixel per inch and want to have an HD quality video display to get the feel of a home theater, then a 4K TV is suitable for you.

You can watch ultra HD videos through an internet connection and can enjoy movie nights with friends and family. These televisions have better display and color accuracy.


Is a TV or a monitor cheaper?

TV is cheaper than a monitor due to its resolution, display, and color accuracy that is lower when compared with the monitor that has high-quality features making it costly.

Is it better to buy a TV or a monitor?

If you are more into entertainment and watching videos, then TV is a better option. But if you are a gamer and want to have high graphics and color accuracy, high pixel per inch, and a high rate of refreshment, then a monitor is more suitable to buy.


There is a big difference between a television and a monitor. Each one of them has different features and functions. Monitors are expensive due to highly updated features whereas TV is on the affordable side due to the absence of these features.

So if you are a gamer and want to have a high-resolution display, so monitors are best for you.

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